BA: key Art stream subjects that you can choose from

One of the most common undergraduate degree courses, Bachelor of Arts is opted by scores of students every year. The program offers a varied range of disciplines to specialize and you can further advance your career by opting for a master’s degree. From Linguistics and Economics to Social Sciences and Finance, students get an overview of a plethora of fields which helps them discover the immense scope of this stream. But before opting for a degree program, it is important to know the key Art stream subjects that you can choose from. Hence, here is a blog that will shed light on major BA subjects covered during different courses to help students understand the different concepts and topics that constitute the widely comprehensive field of Arts.

About BA Course

The full form of BA is Bachelor of Arts (BA) and is an undergraduate degree awarded in the field of Liberal Arts or specialisations related to Humanities or Social Science. It is generally a three-year program in which students mainly study different subjects such as History, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, amongst others. The program generally lasts for 3 years but in many countries, it can extend up to four years as well. Upon completing graduation, one can find innumerable jobs and courses after BA to advances their knowledge.

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