The college library is well stocked and well equipped of its kind. The library building is located in the midst of the academic complex of the college. The library has acquired10150 books and 10 Peer Reviewed Journals. The library has an ambitious plan for modernization. The SOUL2.0 software is installed in the library for easy access to its resources. SOUL 2.0 data entry is in progress at present. The library is connected with wi-fi network for internet service to its users.
The main objective of the library is to support the academic needs of the college community. The library has the following categories of the members borrowing facilities.
Category of the member Borrowing

Category of the memberBorrowing
    1. Teaching Staff10 Books
    2. Non teaching Staff5 Books
    3. Student:i) H.S.
ii) B.A. (Pass course)
iii) B.A. (Major course)
1 Book
1 Book
2 Books

*N.B. Special borrowing will be facilitated to the meritorious poor students.
Rules & Regulation:
i) The library is kept open from 09.00 am to 04.00 P.M. on working days.
ii) Only registered members are allowed to use the library.
iii) On entry, members are required to produce Identity card issued by the college authority.
iv) Students can borrow books against their library cards. Books are normally issued for a period of 10 days.
v) Library cards are not transferable. Borrowers are responsible for the book(s) issued against the library card if lost.
vi) Readers should observe “STRICT SILENCE” in the library reading room.