Dear all the stakeholders !
At the very beginning, I welcome you to the beautiful world of G.L. Choudhury College! My hearty congratulations to all the students for succeeding in the final examinations and returning with a new found zeal and confidence to enroll yourself in the higher classes in our institution. The building and the infrastructural facilities you see around are but a reflection of the utmost sacrifice and inspiration of Late Mohan Lal Choudhury, the donor. Apart from the Late Choudhury, this institution has bloomed into a popular academic institution for higher education owing to the laborious and undaunted contributions of some prominent citizens and educationists. So, its time you gear yourself up with utmost responsibility towards this sacred institution.
The motto of our college is to build a conducive academic atmosphere and to provide an all-around development to the latent talent of its students. Undoubtedly it is one of the prominent academic nerve centers for the students of Barpeta Road and its adjoining areas. It has produced a lot of Arts Graduates till date. Some of them have shined exceptionally well and are holding responsible jobs in different disciplines. While some others have shone excellently in business. Herein lies the meticulous and hard work of the college teachers and hence I grab this opportunity to thank them as well.
In keeping with the tradition, G.L. Choudhury College has always encouraged a cosmopolitan culture that embraces within its bosom students from all the castes, creeds and communities coming from the surrounding areas and every nook and corners of the state as well. I sincerely hope every stakeholder would help me to go a step further in building up this cosmopolitan spirit.